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Coach's Philosophy

As it has been said before Running is a work ethic sport 

and it's as big a mental challenge as it is a physical one.

          I started my running career back in the late 70's, road racing 10k's before middle school and joining the track and cross country teams. In those days running was all about milage and piling it on in excess, 70, 80, 100 mile weeks were common place. The average workout was a 10 mile run, and in many cases some iteration of 10 miles as intervals. Well times have changes with countless studies on performance that have altered how we approach getting the best out of our runners. While packing on miles is still part of the method 40-60 mile a week is far more common place. But regardless of training method one thing is constant.

"The athlete with the greatest ability to manage fatigue in distance races "sets the records" at all levels."

That above all else defines what place a runner will finish in a race. 

With this in mind I go about setting up the daily, weekly, & monthly workout schedule. It will be your mental fortitude and desire to achieve, that will guide you through the hardest parts of training that I will throw at you. I recommend you keep a Running Journal for yourself at all times.. but you will be required to keep one through the pre-season and into the regular season. There are several bits of information that help me coach you better and more efficiently to maximize your training. I look forward to the opportunity to work with each of you, to help achieve your running goals. 

Workout Schedule

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